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Barcode Scanners

TokoBarcode.Net  carries all types of barcode scanners from every major manufactuer for any application. Browse our barcode scanner selection below, or contact us if you have any questions about a specific barcode scanner or what type of reader might be best for you.

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Top Barcode Scanners

Our most popular barcode scanners are these handheld units. USB is the most popular method for connecting these scanners to a computer, but most are available with a number of connection options including PS/2 and serial (RS-232).

Handheld 3800g barcode scanner
Handheld 3800g
Symbol LS2208
Symbol LS2208
Metrologic MS9520
Metrologic MS9520

Top Cordless Barcode Scanners

Cordless barcode scanners transmit information from scanned to a computer wirelessly using Bluetooth or proprietary radio communication. Cordless barcode scanners are ideal when a cord is an inconvenience or a safety hazard. They can also provide additional range over corded scanners, for scanning in multiple locations.

Metrologic VoyagerBT cordless barcode scanner
Metrologic MS9535 VoyagerBT
PSC PowerScan RF cordless barcode scanner
PSC Powerscan RF
Symbol LS 3478 ER cordless barcode scanner
Symbol LS 3478 ER

Top Point of Sale and Omni-Directional Barcode Scanners

Omni-directional presentation barcode scanners are popular for point of sale applications because they can scan barcodes in any orientation.

Metrologic MS3580 QuantumT omnidirectional barcode scanner
Metrologic MS3580 QuantumT
Metrologic MS7120 Orbit omnidirectional barcode scanner
Metrologic MS7120 Orbit
Symbol LS9208 omnidirectional barcode scanner
Symbol LS9208

Top 2D Barcode Scanners

2D barcode scanners can read additional symbologies like pdf417 and datamatrix that standard (1D) barcode scanners can not.

Metrologic MS3580 QuantumT omnidirectional barcode scanner
Metrologic MS1690 Focus
Hand Held Products 4600g 2D barcode scanner
Hand Held Products 4600g
Symbol DS6608 2D barcode scanner
Symbol DS6608

Top Barcode Scanners Brands

These are the industry leading brands of barcode scanners.

Symbol barcode scanners Metrologic barcode scanners Hand Heldl barcode scanners

More Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Bar Code Scanners

Datalogic Heron

Datalogic FireScan

Datalogic Touch
Datalogic Heron
Datalogic FireScan
Datalogic Touch CCD Scanner
Datalogic Gryphon
Datalogic Cordless Gryphon
Datalogic Gryphon Bluetooth
Datalogic Dragon D101
Datalogic Cordless Dragon DLL6010-R

Advanced CCD Readers
D100 Linear Gryphon
D200 Linear & Stacked Gryphon
M100 Linear Cordless Gryphon
M200 Linear & Stacked Cordless Gryphon

Omni-Directional On-Counter Laser
DLL2020 Diamond Old
Datalogic Diamond

Laser Scanners
DLL5010-M Shark

Portable Data Collectors
Datalogic Formula Wizard
Datalogic Formula 734-E / 734-E/RFDiamond
Datalogic Formula Color
Datalogic Kyman
Datalogic Viper

Cable Matrix
Datlogic Cables

Datalogic Gryphon Bluetooth
DLL2020-W Diamond
DLL2020 Diamond
Datalogic Shark, DLL5010-M

Datalogic Viper
Datalogic Dragon, DLL6010, Cordless Dragon

Datalogic Formula 734-E / 734-E/R

Datalogic Formula Color

Datalogic Formula Wizard

Datalogic Kyman

Hand Held Products

Dolphin 7200

Dolphin 7200 RF

Dolphin 9500
Data Terminals
Dolphin 7200 Batch
Dolphin 7200 RF
Dolphin 7200 2D
Dolphin 7200 Accessories & Peripherals
Dolphin 7300
Dolphin 7300 Accessories & Peripherals
Dolphin 7400
Dolphin 7400 Accessories Index
Dolphin 7400 Cradles, Batteres, Cases
Dolphin 7400 Holders, Covers and Cables
Dolphin 7400 Service Agreements
Dolphin 7400 Software
Dolphin 7450
Dolphin 9500
Dolphin 9500 Accessories
Dolphin 9500 Specifications
Dolphin 9500 Service Agreements
Dolphin 9501
Dolphin 9501 Service Agreements
Dolphin 9550 Batch
Dolphin 9550 Accessories
Dolphin 9551
Dolphin 9551 Service Agreements
Dolphin 7900
Dolphin 7900 Accessories
Z-Space ITScriptNet Batch

Dolphin 7300

Dolphin 7900

Dolphin 9550
Dolphin 7400 WinCE Data Terminal, HHP
Dolphin 7400

Dolphin 7450
Hand Held Products IT3800LR
Hand Held Products IT3870 Cordless Bar Code Laser Scanner
Hand Held Products IT3900 Fixed Station Bar Code Scanner
Corded Linear Imagers
IT3800 Linear Imager
IT3800 Features
IT3800 Barcode Scanner
IT3800 Specifications
3800LR-12 Linear Imager
IT3800PDF Linear Imager
IT3800 Accessories
IT3900 Linear Image Fixed Position Reader
IT5600 Retail / Commercial Linear Imager
IT5800 Industrial Linear Imager
Hand Held Products IT3800LR
Hand Held Products IT3870 Cordless Bar Code Laser Scanner
2D Readers
IT3800PDF Linear Imager
IT3900PDF Linear Imager
IT4600 PDF Imager Pricing
IT4600 PDF Specifications


Hand Held Products IT3870 Cordless 2D Bar Code Reader
Cordless Linear & 2D Imagers
IT3870 Cordless Image Reader
IT3870PDF Linear Image Cordless Reader
IT3875 Interactive Cordless Linear Image Readers
IT5620 Bluetooth Imager
IT5620 Specifications
IT4820 Bluetooth Imager
Hand Held Products IT3870 Cordless Bar Code Laser Scanner



Metrologic Bar Code Scanners

MS5145 / MK5145
Metrologic MS6130 Cordless Hand Held Laser Scanner
MS9535 / MK9535

MS6220 / MK6220
Hand-Held Barcode Scanners
MS9520 Voyager
MK9520 Voyager
MS9540 Voyager
MK9540 Voyager
MS9535 VoyagerBT Wireless
MK9535 VoyagerBT Wireless
MS5145 Eclipse
MK5145 Eclipse
MK6220 Pulsar
IS4220 Wearable Scanner
Metrologic MS9520/9540 Voyager, CodeGate, Hand Held Laser Scanner
MS9520 / MS9540


MS6720 / MK6720

MS6520 / MK6520
700.jpg (5695 bytes)
MS7120 / MK7120
Retail On-Counter Barcode Scanners
MS6720 Omni-Directional
MK6720 Omni-Directional
MS7120 Orbit
MK7120 Orbit
MS7220 ArgusScan
MK7220 ArgusScan
MS7320 InVista
MK7320 InVista
MS6520 Cubit
MK6520 Cubit
Metrologic MS860i In Counter Omni-Directional Laser Scanner
MS7320 / MK7320

MS7220/ MK7220 ArgusScan

MS7620 / MS7625

Retail In-Counter Barcode Scanners
MS7620 Horizon
MK7620 Horizon
MS7625 Horizon
MK7625 Horizon
MS2020 Stratos

ScanPal 2

Portable Data Collectors
ScanPal 2
SP2500 Navigator


Falcon 4400 Series

Falcon 4220

Falcon 4620

Falcon 315 (RF)
Falcon 320 (Batch)
Falcon 325 (RF)
Falcon 330 (Batch)
Falcon 335 (RF)
Falcon 340 (Batch)
Falcon 345 (RF)
TopGun (Batch)
PT2000 (Batch)
Falcon Accessories
PT2000/TopGun Accessories
Falcon 4400 Series Description
Falcon 4400 Series Specifications
Falcon 4410 Batch Pricing
Falcon 4410 RF Pricing
Falcon 4420 Batch Pricing
Falcon 4420 RF Pricing
Falcon 4400 Series Service Agreements
Falcon 4220 Series Description
Falcon 4220 Series Specifications
Falcon 4220 Pricing

Vehicle Mount Data Terminals
Falcon 625 (RF)
Falcon 665 (RF)
Falcon 6×5 Accessories
Falcon 4620 Description
Falcon 4620 Specifications
Falcon 4620 Pricing

Magellan 8100/8200

Magellan 8500

Magellan 9500 with OmegaTek
Magellan Family Page
Magellan 8100 Description
Magellan 8100 Specifications
Magellan 8100 Pricing
Magellan 8100 w/ OmegaTek Pricing
Magellan 8200 Description
Magellan 8200 Specifications
Magellan 8200 Pricing
Magellan 8200 w/ OmegaTek Pricing0
Magellan 8500 Description
Magellan 8500 Specifications
Magellan 8500 Pricing
Magellan 8500 w/ OmegaTek Pricing
Magellan 9500 Description
Magellan 9500 Specifications
Magellan 9500 Pricing
Magellan 9500 w/ OmegaTek Pricing
Magellan 2300HS
Magellan 2300VS
Magellan 8100
Magellan 8200
Magellan 8500

Magellan 2300VS

Magellan 8500 with OmegaTek

Magellan 2300HS
PSC Duet Omni-Directional Laser Scanners
Retail On or Above Counter
PSC PowerScan, Inductrial Laser Scanners
PSC PowerScan RF, Industrial Cordless Laser Scanners
PowerScan / PowerScan RF
Quick Scan Barcode Scanner
QuickScan 2500
Bar Code Scanners - QuickScan 6000
QuickScan 6000+
Hand Held 1D
PowerScan SR/HD/LR/XLR
PowerScan RF
QuickScan 6000 Plus
QuickScan 2500
QuickScan 1000
QuickScan 200
Stainless Steel Wands
Magnetic Stripe/Credit Card Reader
QuickScan QS6500 Description
QuickScan QS6500 Specifications
QuickScan QS65800 Pricing

QuickScan 6500

Symbol Technologies Bar Code Scanners

Symbol LS1900 Laser Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS2100 Laser Barcode Scanner
Symbol LS3203ER Industrial Barcode Laser Scanners
Hand Held Bar Code Scanners
LS1000 Discontinued
LS1900 Cobra Barcode Scanner
LS1902 Cobra Barcode Scanner
LS1908 Cobra Barcode Scanner

LS2100 Hotshot Barcode Scanner

CSM-150 for Handspring Visor

Presentation Barcode Scanners

Symbol LS4071 Cordless Laser Barcode Scanner
Symbol LT1800 CCD Barcode Scanner
Bar Code Scanners
Symbol LS4000 Laser Barcode Scanner
Symbol M2000 Cyclone Presentation Scanner
M2000 Cyclone
Symbol LS9208 Presentation Scanner

Unitech Bar Code Scanners

Unitech PA950

Unitech PA962

Unitech PA963
Unitech PA950
Unitech PA950 Accessories
Unitech PA950 Specifications
Unitech PA962
Unitech PA962 Accessories
Unitech PA962 Specifications
Unitech PA963
Unitech PT630D
Unitech PT630 Accessoires
PT500 Data Terminals
PT600 Hornet Data Terminals
PT600 Accessories
PT805 Data Terminals
PT815 Data Terminals
Unitech PT630

Unitech PT630D

Unitech MS12

Unitech MS100U

Unitech MS146

Unitech MS180

Unitech MS330
Wands, Scanners, Input Devices
Unitech MS120
Unitech MS100U
Unitech MS146
Unitech MS180
Unitech MS330
Unitech MS210
Unitech MS830
Unitech MS860
Unitech MS240

Unitech MS210

Unitech MS860

Unitech MS830
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